It’s over, Juggalo Nation. I’m no longer a Juggalo. 🪓

It's over, Juggalo Nation. I'm no longer a Juggalo.

There’s a lot more hate than love in today’s Juggalo world, and it’s just not what I originally signed up for 20 plus years ago. The music has changed, the people have changed, and everything in the Juggalo world has completely changed. For these reasons, I have chosen not to be a part of it anymore.

I first discovered the Juggalo world back in 1999, and I have been to hundreds of Juggalo events across the country ever since. I have done tons of things for the Juggalo community and have paid my dues 100 times over. I have spent tons of money on merch too. Everything I’ve done has come out of my own pocket. I have never asked for a dime from anyone nor owe anybody anything.

Not wanting to be a Juggalo anymore was a decision that I made on May 16, 2019, the day my grandmother passed away. If you look at my travel history, you’ll notice that I traveled less during the years leading towards my Grandma’s death. I made a sad “Goodbye” song about my Grandma’s death and released a music video in September of that same year she passed away. If you look at the end of the music video, you will notice Polaroid pictures of me with other Juggalos, and that was just my artistic way of saying goodbye to the Juggalo community. I guess most people didn’t catch that message.

The last Juggalo event I went to was the 2019 Gathering of the Juggalos, and honestly, I wasn’t even going to go to that event. I was encouraged to go because I was in a deeply depressed state of mind. I figured if I was going to my last Juggalo event, then it might as well be the Soopa Gathering, which the event was being called at the time. My grandmother and my entire family never approved of my Juggalo lifestyle. They always said that I was not a Juggalo because I wasn’t trailer trash or addicted to meth.

Truth be told, I haven’t been feeling the Juggalo Love for many years now. I’m 40 years old, and my taste in music has completely changed. Many things in my personal life have changed since my grandmother passed away. I just can’t relate to this new generation of people that call themselves Juggalos. All they really do is spread hate on social media, and when you see them at the events, they are yelling things like “family” and “Juggalo love” and just being all-around hypocrites. These people spend the entire year bullying and harassing other Juggalos on social media. On top of all that, they still dare to show up at Juggalo events and start yelling out, “FAMILY!” 🤷‍♂️.

Hating Ass Juggalos

I also got tired of dealing with clout chasers and getting backstabbed by people. I would go to all these Juggalo events, and I would literally be treated like a celebrity but without any of the perks that go along with it. For example, at the last event, people would stop me just to take pictures with me, say hi or offer me their feet every ten minutes or so.

I’m not trying to sound like I’m being ungrateful, but it just got to the point that I was trying to avoid people and not take the main roads to get a little bit of privacy. I always did try to be nice and thankful to the people that did approach me, but when the event was over, half of those people would just turn around and talk shit about me on social media and make up bullshit lies about me.

Since when has being an asshole on the Internet and then giving out fake smiles in the real world has become the norm? I’m not trying to imply that all Juggalos behave this way, but most of today’s Juggalos do.

Here are some screenshots of a recent example of some of the bullshit lies this so-called new generation of Juggalos come up with about me on social media.

And here’s the direct link to that live post:

As you can see from reading the comments, I had to call upon my good friend James Tee to come to the rescue and stomp on some heads! Every year those haters come up with some horseshit story about me. They’re always trying to slander my good name and convince people that I’m some wild foot rapist or even a pedo. I even come across people on social media that I’ve never met in my life, claiming that I’ve molested their toes or something. When you ask them to provide you with some video evidence, they give you more bullshit stories!

I just find it incredible how everyone was able to use their smartphones to catch me doing so many things at these events. Still, for some magical reason, none of them could catch me doing any of the horrific things that these haters describe me as doing. There are literally thousands of videos of me on the Internet, and these haters can’t even come up with one video to back up their bullshit lies? If the fact that the haters can’t provide any evidence doesn’t smell like a pile of shit to you, then I don’t know what will.

Everyone who knows me knows that I’m into Femdoms. I’m a submissive or sometimes considered a slave in the BDSM world. In other words, being aggressive towards women goes against my DNA. Every real ass Juggalo knows that if some fucked up shit were to happen at the Gathering of the Juggalos event, all the Juggalos would come together and beat the shit out of that one person that’s doing the fucked up shit. There’s tons of video footage out there of Juggalos acting against bad people at the Gathering of the Juggalos event. The fact that none of that shit happened to me and there’s no video footage of any of that stuff happening should also be a big indicator that these haters are full of shit! The only ones swallowing and regurgitating their horseshit are the same haters who never liked me.

I’m being targeted because of my extreme foot fetish, and people like the haters are why most of us stay inside the shoe closet. I’ve been FlipFlop the Clown for almost ten years now, and during that time, not one person has ever come to me in the real world and said anything negative about me to my face. If you look at actual videos of me at these Juggalo events, you will see hundreds of people surrounding me, taking pictures and videos of me worshiping women’s feet. The haters will be outside that circle sitting on the sidelines with their thumbs up their ass, not saying jack shit to me because they are just spineless pieces of shit. All they are capable of is cyberbullying each other on social media. Cyberbullying, to me, is not a real thing.

I remember in late 2019, the haters tried to push a story of me being some foot rapist. Luckily, there was a photographer nearby that took a picture of the woman (that was claiming I raped her feet) and me. I eventually made a blog post titled “She Said I Raped Her Feet!” and was able to get my story out via my website. But back in October or November of 2019, when this rumor popped off, I did not have a website, and my only method of communication was via social media. I couldn’t even get my story out on social media because every time I would try, it would just get deleted, and I would end up with a strike on my social media accounts. The haters were trying to keep me silent to keep on slandering my name.

Foot Fetish Haters

Very few Juggalos came to my rescue. I can only recall less than a dozen Juggalos that publicly defended me on social media. All of the people were around to ride my nuts when things were fine and dandy, but as soon as some bullshit rumor popped off, they all scattered like roaches. Since I couldn’t get my story on social media, I reached out to Faygoluvers Heaven, Juggalo News, CPN and a dozen other major Juggalo media outlets and popular YouTubers at the time in hopes that they would help me get the truth out there. Unfortunately, they all rejected me. Most of them even ghosted me for many years and just left me to fend for myself. I was forced to take matters into my own hands and make my own website to get my story out there.

Every year I get hundreds of messages from random Juggalos asking me if I will be at the yearly Juggalo events. I just want to make it clear to everyone that I’ve paid for all these Juggalo events I’ve ever gone to out of my own pocket. Nobody’s ever picked up my tab! At the last Juggalo event I went to, I spent close to $4,000.

Juggalos get mad at me and get disappointed when they don’t see me at an event, but they aren’t picking up the tab either. They aren’t raising money by starting a GoFundMe campaign or convincing the people that host the events to pay me to perform there. They aren’t doing jackshit to help me attend these events. On top of all that, they don’t even defend me on social media.

I understand that I’m probably disappointing a lot of people by saying this, but at the end of the day, actions speak louder than words. If you have my back, don’t just say you do. Prove it!

I just want to clarify to everyone that I’m no longer a Juggalo, and therefore, I don’t plan to be at any Juggalo-related events. If there was a drastic change in the Juggalo community, then there might be a possibility I would attend future events. With how things are right now, even if I was offered payment to attend and all of my needs and demands were met, the odds of me wanting to step foot inside another Juggalo event are extremely slim.

After receiving so much disrespect and zero support from my fans that claim to be Juggalos, can you honestly blame me for feeling the way I do?

I guess I’m always going to be an old-school Juggalo at heart. I have no regrets about my past. I’m still going to be FlipFlop the Clown, and I’m still going to keep going to events and sucking toes like I’ve been doing so far. They’re just not going to be Juggalo-related events. I’m still friends to this day with many old-school Juggalos, and I know that many of the old-school Juggalos can relate to everything I’ve said here.