Releasing New Song July 24th! 🎶 In My Shrine 🕯️

On July 24, 2021, I, FlipFlop The Clown, will release my third song titled “In My Shrine.” The song talks about Spiritual BDSM, which is essentially a taboo within a taboo. The song promotes female supremacy.

I chose July 24th to release the song because the day is a yearly BDSM holiday known as World BDSM Day or also referred to as International BDSM Day. World BDSM Day is a day to raise awareness and acceptance of the BDSM lifestyle globally. The holiday is always on the 24th of July to symbolize that BDSM is a 24/7 lifestyle.

BDSM is a topic that most people generally understand, but Spiritual BDSM is something that very few people within the BDSM community experience. “In My Shrine” is the first song of its kind! No other songs are talking about Spiritual BDSM. You might find a few that talk about BDSM itself, but nothing about Spiritual BDSM. Even if you Google the subject, you won’t find much helpful information out there.

Spiritual BDSM is usually something very sacred, private, and personal. Therefore, it’s normally not spoken about openly, which is why there’s not much information about it. All of the lyrics in the song are 100% true, and they’re all from my own personal experiences with Spiritual BDSM.

I’ve been working on this song on and off for over three years for several reasons. I didn’t have a blueprint to follow as most songs writers do. Music genres usually have a formula, blueprint, or map that artists use to create a song for that particular genre, but no one has written a song similar to what I was, so there was nothing to guide the process; therefore, I unintentionally created a new genre in itself.

When it came time to hire individuals to help me work on the song, I ended up running across a lot of snowflake-ass motherfuckers who felt uncomfortable working with me on this project. They didn’t feel uncomfortable or “triggered” taking my money, but they felt uncomfortable and “triggered” once I started rapping in the recording studio. I went through a shit load of sound engineers, producers, and art Illustrators. Overall it was a big waste of time dealing with fuckers like these.

I eventually found out that I needed to be 100% transparent with people and let them know exactly what the song project was about before paying them to do something. By taking this approach, I found like-minded individuals or at least people who were more professional, open-minded, and understood that they were there to do a job and not express their feelings and emotions about the project.

I ask you all to please help me spread the word about this song being released on July 24th. Please go to the link below to pre-save the song on Spotify or pre-order it on Apple Music or iTunes. Doing this will help push the song in the music store’s algorithm on release day and result in more streams.

I’ve created some promotional videos and images to use on social media to help spread the word about the song. Please feel free to download any of the promotional stuff below and help spread the word!

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There will also be a music video made sometime after the song is released. I don’t have a release date for the music video yet, but I’ll let y’all know as soon as I find out. I hope you all like the song! Thank you, and I love y’all.